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Welcome to Sara’s Kitchen. I’m Sara and I’ve been cooking for over 30 years. Here’s a glimpse into my reality, my real cooking, my real kitchen, and my real life.

It all started when i was a little girl. As the baby of 8 and a huge age gap with my 7 siblings, I was Naturally exposed and raised in an older and more mature environment. My siblings were all out of the house and few were even married with kids of their own when i was born. Therefore, my playmates were usually older and my favorite playground was the kitchen.

Family, friends and entertaining is the focal point, culture, and a tradition in a Persian home. We are very welcoming, warm and hospitable with an open door policy, and were sure to prepare a homemade feast for our guests and loved ones.

Life style

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Family and friends

Welcome to my beautiful kitchen. Here you can find blogs on food and recipes, conversations with friends, chats and stories with family, and my real life...
Get into the kitchen, cook with confidence, passion & healthy fresh ingredients... take the likes and dislikes of your home and make magic.

Traveling to me is the art of forgoing all rules, and living literately and figuratively out of the suitcase! Hitting the pavement of the world one street at a time. You never really travel alone, the world is full of friends, waiting to get to know you.
I travel to be inspired and learn new ways to inspire...
"Travel far enough, you'll meet yourself"

pizza waffle

How to make a pizza waffle in under 10 minutes!

20 september 2018

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How to make a banana carrot cake in under 10 minutes!

20 september 2018