about sara

Welcome to Sara’s Kitchen. I’m Sara and I’ve been cooking for over 30 years. Here’s a glimpse into my reality, my real cooking, my real kitchen, and my real life.

It all started when i was a little girl. As the baby of 8 and a huge age gap with my 7 siblings, I was Naturally exposed and raised in an older and more mature environment. My siblings were all out of the house and few were even married with kids of their own when i was born. Therefore, my playmates were usually older and my favorite playground was the kitchen.

Family, friends and entertaining is the focal point, culture, and a tradition in a Persian home. We are very welcoming, warm and hospitable with an open door policy, and were sure to prepare a homemade feast for our guests and loved ones.

I would watch my Mother alongside her “ASHPAZ” (chef) cook up a storm all day long for every meal, or work and prepare days ahead for huge parties. If the ASHPAZ was not there, there was always the kitchen help or my Grandmother.

All my life i wanted to grow up and be just like my Mother, have lots of kids, a busy home, and be the head Chef like she was!

So I asked my old-fashioned Iranian father if i could go to culinary school. He laughed at me and said that is not a profession for his princess. Therefore, my formal training came from an early age watching and cooking with the ASHPAZ, my Mom and Grandmother, every single one of my siblings, their spouses and my TV mentor Julia Child.

I am most complete at home and in my kitchen, where i channel the little girl born in Shiraz years ago who would play mad scientist, and experiment with different recipes. And when I prepare an old favorite dish or something new and see the joy and satisfaction in everyone, thats when I get the warm and most satisfying sense of achievement. I’m home and I’ve become my Mother, It’s magical, surreal, and nostalgic.

Today, as a busy mom to two young men, and my own little princess, I find inspiration and new recipes in everything that surrounds me, nature and even easy and simple conversations.

This website is dedicated to my loving and most supportive husband, my amazing kids, my beautiful friends and family who enjoy my passion and trust my recipe. I truly love you all.